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Our History

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) was founded by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri in 1732 in Napoli, Italy for the purpose of preaching the Gospel to the neglected rural populations who did not receive proper pastoral care.

The mission statement of the Redemptorists is to preach the Gospel to the poor and abandoned.


The Redemptorists came to Singapore in July 1935 and their most well known apostolate is the Novena Church.  Several thousands attend the Saturday devotions to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.


To fulfil their mission statement, they started the Redemptorist Mission Team (RMT) in the 1970’s for the purpose of reaching out to youth, who are often in need of guidance and care, especially in the spiritual and emotional realms. 


School missions evolved out of the Redemptorist tradition of preached missions, where priests and brothers would go to parishes to conduct programmes of faith renewal and intensive catechesis through home visits, preaching, services and sacraments.

The motto of the Redemptorists is Copiosa Apud Eum Redemptio: With him there is plentiful redemption.  God’s love and care is overflowing and for all, especially for those poor and abandoned by society.


Hence, RMT uses the missions to share this great love of God to the youth, inviting all to an experience of being loved and cared for regardless of social background, race or religion.

Our Vision

Schools typically emphasize the importance of academic excellence and achievement. However, we cannot take for granted the importance of a child's holistic formation, which includes his psychological, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Teachers, principals, parents, peers and mentors play a vital role in the lives of youth today but few schools have the opportunity to conduct such a holistic curriculum given the nature of today's society and the pressure to produce academic results.


The RMT seeks to impart this holistic education.


Firstly, inspired by our Catholic faith and the Redemptorist tradition, we see spirituality as the foundation of a person's life and we seek to impart this very important value to the young people we minister to. 


We also see the importance of emotional intelligence in the holistic development of a person.


We often use testimonies by team members and volunteers to show that the struggles of life can be overcome if we are open to learning, willing to take risks and to love.


We believe in creating differences that

make a difference in a youth's life.

Goals & Objectives

  • To reach out to the youth of Singapore by imparting to them life-giving values and sharing with them God's love and unconditional support.

  • To enable youth, through valuing self-acceptance, to develop their strengths and recognize opportunities that would allow them to take advantage of new possibilities in life.


  • To journey with youth who are facing difficulties with family, peers and other relationship issues 


  • To nourish the faith of Catholic youth in their journey of discovery and encounter with God.

Our Corporate Values

To present faithfully the teaching of the Catholic Church in creative ways based on a foundation of a personal relationship with God.


To instil a sense of integrity and justice in the minds and hearts of youth.  In that way, we seek partnerships with the people we work with in our mission to bring justice to the world.


In all our sessions, there must be an underlying message of God's unconditional love and plentiful redemption.


We value the dignity and sanctity of all persons.  We help young people build a positive relationship with God and develop a positive regard for self and others.


The RMT advocates sexual abstinence for unmarried people, especially youth as the most life-giving and healthy choice.  We see the importance of educating youth in chastity, guiding their sexual development toward the absolute gift of self in marriage. 


The RMT upholds Singapore's value of religious harmony.  The traditions of all religions should be accepted and celebrated in the public sphere.  Although Catholic in our identity, we seek dialogue and common ground with other faiths in giving meaning and direction to the lives of young people. 


The RMT is an arm of the Redemptorist mission and we seek to serve the pastoral and spiritual needs of schools.


The team seeks to be united, spiritually centered, in touch with current issues and congruent in our personal lives.